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[[As the alternate Nick continues, we see various surprised, concerned, and curious reactions from our heroes.]]
Nick: I hypothesized that, if I couldn't build all the things flooding my brain, perhaps ANOTHER me in another universe could. I ran simulations and proved it was plausible.
[[June and May James listen with concern.]]

Nick: But I also realized that if he ever invented cross-universe travel, the results would be catastrophic. The boundaries between universes could fail. All of reality might collapse.
[[April James turns toward the reader (presumably looking at one of her sisters), sticks out her tongue, and spins her finger around her ear as a "He's crazy" signal.]]

Nick: What's worse, if my theory of interconnected anchors is true, every me in every universe might become a locus for trans-dimensional disturbance. We'd become walking time bombs.
[[Trish and Patty exchange uncertain glances.]]

Nick: I charted the probabilities, using my own personal time line as a guide. And that's when they arrived. The first "bug" attack. Exactly when and where I had predicted.
[[Chris, Dexter, and August James each wear surprised expressions.]]

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