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[[The alternate Nick begins to rummage around in a box of assorted tech while Patty and Trish watch.]]
Nick: You said you're from another universe. If you need ME to get you home, I assume that means you have no way back on your own.
Patty: Not this time.

[[He pulls out a rectangular device roughly the size of a book and examines it.]]
Nick: The "bug" portal is a tear in the fabric of space-time. While the portal is a direct link between their universe and ours, the area around that tear will also be weakened.

[[He holds up the device for the others to see. Perhaps to no one's surprise, it looks identical to the "prime" Nick's "away team" scanning device. Dexter, Patty, and Trish exchange glances.]]
Nick: I can use this device to scan your dimensional frequency and pinpoint where you came from. With any luck, I can find a weak spot around the tear to push your through.

Nick: I can't make any guarantees. The spot may not be weak or may be infinitely small. It also means we'll all need to get dangerously close to the portal for any of this to work.
[[Patty, Trish, and Chris exchange worried glances. Chris cringes.]]

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