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[[The entire group exits the old GPF building: Dexter, Chris, Patty, Trish, the James Sisters, and the alternate Nick.]]
August James: [To Nick] How accurately can you pinpoint the portal's spawn point?
Nick: [Checking his scanner] Down to the meter. I can also give you a directional vector and an approximate height.

August: [To her sisters] June, you stick with our wayward guests in case they need an emergency exit. April, you'll provide the usual cover support.
June: Can do.
April: On it.

[[August begins walking toward the location Nick indicates.]]
August: May, you and I will move some obstacles to provide a funnel. After that, you fall back with April to provide cover. I'll take point.
[[May flashes an enthusiastic smile and follows her older sister. Patty also follows.]]
Patty: Obstacles? What kind of--

[[Patty stops short as August lifts a light commercial truck over her head with minimal effort. May begins to glow and her hair begins to float as if weightless. In the background, a large tractor trailer truck also begins to glow and lifts into the air. August flashes Patty a confident smile.]]
Patty: [Cocking an eyebrow] Never mind. Forget I asked.

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