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[[The group stands outside the old, burnt-out GPF Software building. The alternate Nick looks at his scanning
Nick: We have less than 30 seconds, ladies...
[[May and August James return from setting up barriers around where the portal will appear.]]
May: [Cheerfully] Funnel's all set up!
August: [To the others] Take your places, everyone!

Nick: As soon as the portal opens, I'll begin my scan. [To June James] We may need an intermediate hop to get there in time if the weak spot is ephemeral.
June: [Smiling] I'll give it my best.

[[June's expression quickly shifts to concern.]]
June: Wait... MY portals won't cause any problems, will they?
Nick: I... don't know. Without an extensive analysis of the nature of your wormholes...
[[Off-panel, August interrupts.]]
August: [Shouting] HEAD'S UP!

[[August and May stand at one end of the "funnel" made of shipping containers, overturned vehicles, and other large obstacles. At the far end, a swirling array of light forms, casting an eerie light on everything in front of it.]]
August: [Shouting] HERE THEY COME!

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