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[[As April James leaps forward, she begins hurling fiery balls of energy at the trans-dimensional "bugs". In the foreground, Patty and June James exchange glances.]]
Patty: [In her usual deadpan] That girl has issues.
June James: [With a knowing smile] You have no idea.
[[The alternate Nick checks his scanner.]]
Nick: Scanner running. Believe it or not, these results are looking promising.

Nick: I believe I've located our weak spot. I also believe I've gathered enough data to create a harmonic resonance that may close this portal and prevent another from forming.
[[The GPF crew all seem encouraged by this news.]]

June: That's great news! Can you close the portal now, to keep more "bugs" from coming through?
Nick: No. Once I close it, the weak spot will disappear as well.

Nick: And to add to the bad news, the weak spot is less than a meter from the portal. You'll need to get right on top of it if you want any chance of getting through.
[[Now the GPF crew exchange wary, uncertain glances.]]

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