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June James: All right, then. [To her sister May] May, see if you can clear us some space. [To the GPF crew] When the coast is clear, I'll port you four right over.
[[May's young face sports a determined smile as she begins to glow and her hair begins to float as if weightless.]]

[[May concentrates, and one of the large containers that form a "funnel" barrier around the portal begins to glow and lift into the air. Meanwhile several "bugs" emerge from the portal, scurrying along the opposite "wall".]]

[[May turns her head, and the floating container smashes into the opposite wall, either crushing or scattering the "bugs".]]

June: [To the GPF gang] Now's our chance! Everyone grab hands!
[[She grabs Patty's hand, while Patty forms a chain through Trish and Chris to Dexter.]]

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