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[[June James teleports the GPF gang next to the gaping portal. As they arrive, a smaller portal begins to open next to them.]]
Trish: L-look! Th-the w-weak s-spot is o-opening!
Dexter: [Grinning] It's working!

[[Suddenly, there is a gust of air as the newly formed portal begins sucking in everything around it. The group braces themselves to avoid being immediately drawn in.]]
Patty: It's getting bigger...
Chris: And starting to pull us in!
June: [Concerned] Not just you!

[[Chris loses the battle to maintain her footing. She slips, tumbling backward into its gaping maw.]]
Dexter: [Shouting] CHRIS!
June: [Cringing as she tries to brace herself] Hurry! The rest of you need to get through before--

[[June also loses her footing and is drawn inside the portal.]]
June: AH!
[[The shout draws the attention of her sisters, who all pivot away from fighting the "bugs" to find out what happened.]]
May James: [Shouting] JUNE!

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