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[[As the "bug" takes a swipe at May James, Dexter scoops her into his massive arms in a huge bear hug. However, in dodging the attack, both tumble backward through the "weak spot" portal.]]
Patty: Dex! May!
Trish: Th-they f-fell th-through!

[[Behind Patty and Trish, August James lifts one of the "bugs" over her head.]]
August: [Angrily, toward Patty and Trish] I thought I told you two to dive in!
[[Following orders, Patty and Trish jump into the portal. Trish pinches her nose as if jumping into a pool of water.]]

[[With all of the GPF crew and half the James Sisters now gone, only August and April James are left to battle the "bugs".]]
August: We're overwhelmed! Fall back!
April: [In a panic] There ain't nowhere to fall back to!

[[In a desperate move, August throws a surprised April over her shoulder and charges toward the "weak spot" portal as the "bugs" pursue.]]
August: There's one place, but I have no idea if this is going to work...

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