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[[The GPF crew and the James Sisters have all vanished. The gaping maw of the "bug" portal remains open, however, as hordes of "bugs" swarm around the opening, crawling around the barricades the Jameses built. Standing a relatively safe distance away, the alternate Nick watches helplessly, his scanning device in hand.]]
Nick: [Thinking] Hrm... the "visitors from the other universe have returned home, but it appears they inadvertently took the superheroes with them. This bodes not well.

[[Nick presses a button on the scanner, presumably starting the "harmonic resonance" that would force the portal to close permanently. As he does, the portal begins to collapse, drawing the "bugs" into it.]]
Nick: [Thinking] And without the young heroes, there's nothing to stop the "bugs" from swarming endlessly... EXCEPT for me closing the portal.

[[As the portal continues to collapse and the "bugs" disappear into it, Nick turns, looking contemplative.]]
Nick: [Thinking] Of course, doing that will also close the "weak spot", trapping those girls in the "visitors'" universe. Four lives versus seven plus billion. I have no choice.

[[By this point, the portal has completely collapsed. The barricade build by August and April James remains, but now we see the cityscape beyond. There is no sign that the "bugs" ever existed. Nick turns. His expression is conflicted.]]
Nick: [Thinking] Not sure that's going to help me sleep better at night, though...

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