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[[The group finds itself in a strange, new location. They appear to have landed on a pile of garbage. High walls surround them, covered in slime.]]
Trish: D-did w-we make it?
Patty: There's heat, light, and air. For now, I'm taking that as a good sign.
August James: [Helping her sister April to her feet] I'd hate to ask what else you might be expecting...

[[In the background, Trish helps Chris dig herself out.]]
Patty: [To August] What are you doing here? We thought you were stopping the bugs.
August: We were overwhelmed. We didn't have a lot of options, so we took the only escape route.

August: [Glancing the other direction] Besides, we had to find May and June.
[[We follow her gaze to Dexter, who is helping June to her feet. May stands next to them, holding her nose in disgust.]]
May: Wherever we are, it doesn't smell very nice...
[[A strange voice off-panel answers:]]
Voice: You are in the waste reclamation center of this ship.

[[They all look up toward the source of the voice. At the top of the room stand two Grey aliens. Dexter smiles, while May looks surprised.]]
Grey: You are most fortunate. I was just ejecting the unrecyclable waste. If I had not noticed you and closed the airlock in time, you would be floating in space right now.

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