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[[A narration box reads: "One lengthy explanation later..." The group has climbed out of the waste reclamation vat, with the aid of several Greys. The James Sisters seem amused by their new surroundings.]]
August: A missing Earth, an alien space ship... I'm beginning to wonder why you wanted to get back...

Patty: I'm surprised you're not freaking out over the aliens...
June: We've had our own run-ins with them. [Gesturing toward the Greys] Not THESE guys, of course.
May: Where do you think we got our powers from?

April: [Sourly] Visiting your alien friends' dumpster is nice and all, but we'd like to get back to our own universe now.
August: If Wellington didn't close the portal, we've got a lot of clean-up work to do...

[[The GPF gang exchange worried looks.]]
Dexter: Um, about that... there's a strong possibility this might have been a one-way trip...
[[August's face falls.]]

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