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[[The James Sisters react to Dexter's hint that their "escape" into the GPF universe may have been a one-way trip.]]
June: [Surprised] What? There's no way you can send us back?
April: [Cringing] I've got a history test tomorrow!
May: [Tugging worriedly at August's sleeve] Who's going to feed Mister Whiskers?
[[August obviously shares her sisters' concern.]]

Patty: [Apologetically] We'll have to talk to Nick--OUR Nick Wellington--but we got lucky. We thought OUR trip was one-way. He hasn't been able to send the others back yet either.

June: [Curious] "The others"?
August: [Suspiciously] What were their names?
Dexter: D.C. Smythe and Valerie Smith, the Inexplicable Speck!, Alpha-Duck.

[[August apparently recognizes the names and realizes that if they can't get back, neither can she and her sisters. She turns apologetically to her siblings.]]
August: April, I think you're missing that test. May, Whiskers is a big kitty. He'll have to fend for himself for a while...
May: [Crestfallen] Aw...
April: [Celebrating] Yes!
[[June remains silent, but concerned.]]

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