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[[The scene opens with a view of deep space. A sprawling nebula swirls in the background as newborn stars illuminate vast eddies of cosmic dust. In the foreground are two ships, identical in shape but vastly different in size. Both appear to be roughly saucer-shaped, although the larger ship dwarfs the smaller one. From this distance, we eavesdrop on a conversation happening aboard the smaller vessel.]]
Voice 1: Protuberance Omicron... to what do we owe this honor?
Voice 2: Cease your groveling, Skaboola Kappa Mu. It is most unbecoming, especially in front of the drones.

[[The scene shifts to the bridge of the smaller ship. The Grand Protuberance stands stoically with his hands clasped behind his back, looming over the rest of the crew. To his side is another Grey, larger and fatter than a typical drone. He looks vaguely like the Great Skaboola, only his clothing is different and his chair moves about on five spider-like mechanical legs rather than hovers. Skaboola Kappa Mu bows deeply as dozens of worker drones buzz busily behind them.]]
Protuberance: Make your report. I have less than a mega-ganadan before I depart for the Cynosure.
Skaboola Kappa Mu: All is proceeding as you command, your bulbousness. The Fleet stands ready. Merely breathe unto us the Supreme Fu's will and we will execute it with expedience.

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