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[[The Grand Protuberance continues his discussion with Skaboola Kappa Mu aboard the latter's Grey ship.]]
Grand Protuberance: [Turning his back to the Skaboola] The Supreme Fu's orders are to wait.
Skaboola Kappa Mu: Still? The worker drones grow nervous. The warriors, restless. The entire fleet balances on a blade's edge, sharp and unyielding.

Protuberance: [Turning back to face him] Patience, Kappa Mu. The Fu has his reasons, the least of which are your concern. The entire galaxy is on edge. He sees far more than you can even fathom.

Kappa Mu: That may be true, oh Great Protuberance, but even the tiniest cogs wish to know their part in the great machine. We humbly seek to do our part, as insignificant as it may be.

Protuberance: [Narrowing his eyes in annoyance] Sometimes "the tiniest of cogs" are those which grind the entire machine to a halt.
Kappa Mu: [With mild surprise] Oh. This has something to do with Skaboola Tau Sigma, doesn't it?

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