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Skabool Kappa Mu: I fail to see how these backwater, primitive "humans" could harness such hypothetical power.
Grand Protuberance: That, Kappa Mu, is because you have not met Nicholas Wellington.

Protuberance: You underestimate their entire species because unique individuals are one of their strengths. Their history is littered with them: da Vinci, Newton, Einstein, Wellington...

Kappa Mu: Surely our telepathic hive mind is faster and more efficient...
Protuberance: Perhaps, but humans make giant leaps of intuition. They have progressed faster than we did at that stage.

Kappa Mu: [With an evil smile] Be careful, oh Grand Protuberance, lest on might misinterpret your "objective analysis" as admiration...
Protuberance: The humans have a saying: know they enemy...

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