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[[The conversation between the Grand Protuberance and Skaboola Kappa Mu is interrupted by one of the drones working in a control pit.]]
Drone: Pardon the interruption, Great Skaboola, Grand Protuberance... but we are detecting a series of energy signatures on long range scanners.
Kappa Mu: Elaborate, #2581280745.

Drone: The most likely scenario is weapons fire. The signature is consistent with Physaric organic ship discharges.
Protuberance: Physarics? Near here? Who are they firing on?

Drone: Inconclusive. We cannot identify who or what they are attacking at this range. There are no distress calls on any channel.
Kappa Mu: Your orders, your prodigiousness?

Protuberance: Activate alert status. Assume battle posture. Bring us within a safe, observable distance, but do not engage. Signal my flagship to follow.
Kappa Mu: At once, Protuberance.

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