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Drone: We have entered short range sensor distance.
Grand Protuberance: Begin detailed scans. Put the scene on the main holo-display.
Skaboola Kappa Mu: [Looking to the display, then growing surprised] By Zolon's ganglia...

[[The Protuberance and Kappa Mu give their focus to the display. On the screen are dozens, if not hundreds, of Physaric "ships" floating listless in space. The large orbs that normally glow on their sides appear dark.]]
Drone: Sensor show several hundred Physaric organic ships... all dead. No life signs. No other ships in the vicinity. I still cannot identify any traces of non-Physaric weapons fire.

Kappa Mu: [Confused] But who were they fighting? Surely they were not fighting... each other...?
Protuberance: [Grimacing] Send all sensor data to my flagship. I leave for the Cynosure at once.

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