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[[Nick sits in a lab on the Grey ship as drone Euler enters. Euler offers Nick a data tablet.]]
Euler: Here are the latest simulation results, as you requested.
Nick: [Wearily] Thanks, Euler. I don't suppose they're any better than the last time...?

Euler: I'm afraid I am neither qualified nor experienced enough to make that determination.
Nick: [Annoyed as he looks at the data] It was a rhetorical question. It's the same old goose egg as always.

Euler: [Confused] "Goose egg"?
Nick: [Rubbing his forehead as if nursing a headache] Human idiom. Zero. Zilch. Nothing. Nada. Absolutely nothing useful. In other words, the status quo. I'm the same single point of failure... as usual.

Nick: [Putting his chin in his hand] I don't suppose you have something encouraging, yet oddly inappropriate, to say, like Planck usually would...?
Euler: [Awkwardly] You are... successful at metabolizing oxygen and nutrients...?

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