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Nick: Say... where IS Planck? He's usually my interface with the computer core.
Euler: I do not know. I have not seen him. I was instructed to bring this to you in his absence.

Nick: The Skaboola hasn't reassigned him, has he? I assume I would have heard about that.
Euler: Again, I'm afraid I do not have that information.

Nick: [Stroking his chin] For that matter, I haven't seen Pi lately either, or Fred. I had to put Dermis and Gander on the MUTEX control roster because they haven't bothered to show up.

Euler: At the risk of sounding like a glitching audio playback device, I have no information on the whereabouts of Pi or the Physaric named Fred.
Nick: [Sarcastically] Really? Never would have guessed.

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