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Nick: [Handing the data tablet back to Euler] At any rate, here's the latest series of simulation parameters. Run these through the computer, please, for whatever good it'll do.
Euler: I will submit them at once.

Nick: [Annoyed] And if you see Pi or Planck anywhere, or Fred for that matter, tell them I'm rather miffed with them.
Euler: [Confused] "Miffed"?
Nick: Angry. Annoyed. Ticked... oh, never mind.

[[Nick and Euler exit the lab and head off in opposite directions. As Nick walks forward toward the viewer, he rubs his chin and seems deep in thought.]]

[[Nick approaches an elevator, which opens automatically. He steps inside and folds his arms across his chest.]]
Nick: MUTEX chamber.
[[With a soft DING, the doors close and the elevator transports him to his destination.]]

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