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[[Nick walks through the MUTEX chamber, eavesdropping on the conversations already in progress. He passes the Inexplicable Speck! and Alpha-Duck, who stand next to the MUTEX control console and are continuing their argument.]]
Speck: [Angrily] It's not a "simple mistake" when you KILL the entire away team!
Alpha-Duck: [Sheepishly] Aw, c'mon! We're talking hypotheticals here! Besides, practice makes perfect, right?

[[Nick passes the table where D.C. Smythe, Valerie Smith, and Fooker are seated.]]
Smythe: It would make strategic sense to attempt to isolate the Physaric invaders and give them a chance to retreat first.
Fooker: Exactly my thinking. Here's what I had in mind...

[[As Nick walks by in the background, he watches Dexter and Patty demonstrate how to use some sort of alien device to June James and Victor Glowerhausen. They all seem enthusiastic. Nick's expression grows somber.]]

[[May James approaches Nick, holding a box filled with small cylindrical items.]]
May: [Cheerfully] Mr. Wellington, I sorted all these thingies like Miss Sharon asked me to.
Nick: [Forlornly] That's great, um, May. I think she's on Deck 12 in the spectroscopy lab.

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