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[[As Nick continues to put his face in his hands, a voice off-panel begins to speak.]]
Voice: Aw, is someone having a bad day? Or has it been a bad YEAR? Is the poor little baby feeling overwhelmed? Just can't cope with those impossible odds?

[[As the voice continues to berate and belittle him, Nick puts his head down on the desk, placing his hands on the back of his head.]]
Voice: Or is it the fact that you're surrounded by incompetent morons with brains the size of walnuts? They're all useless, aren't they? Little more than cannon fodder, if you ask me...

[[Nick lifts his head, keeping his eyes closed.]]
Voice: No... YOU'RE the real problem. You're a failure. A fraud. A charlatan. You're just one big disappointment after another...
[[Nick's brow furrows.]]
Nick: I don't have to listen to this...

[[Nick opens his eyes and looks across the room. Seated at the opposite of the table is none other than Emperor Nicholas the Puissant, aka "Nega-Nick", Nick's alter ego from the "Negaverse". He is dressed in his imperial garb, complete with his uniform, cape with high collar, goatee, and facial scar. He smiles evilly as Nick glares at him.]]
Nega-Nick: Sure you do, because I'M inside your head. Quite literally. I'm that nagging reminder that, deep inside, you and I are the same. We're VILLAINS. We're MONSTERS.

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