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[[Nick continues his conversation with "Nega-Nick", who may or may not be a figment of Nick's imagination...]]
Nick: What are you up to? What's your game plan?
Nega-Nick: How the #@!! should I know? I'm just a voice in your head giving life to your internalized self-loathing.

Nega-Nick: I can no more tell you what ol' "Nega-Nick" is up to than YOU can. For all I know, he's enjoying swimming in a pool of rainbow-colored sapient Jell-O. What a pervert.

Nega-Nick: [Scowling] What I CAN tell you is that HE wouldn't be sitting there, wringing his hands, fretting over every little variable and cosine. HE wouldn't be agonizing over "safety margins".

Nick: [As if reaching a sour epiphany] You think I'm being overly cautious.
Nega-Nick: [Shouting angrily] $@&% straight! You're wearing so many belts and suspenders, you'll never get your pants off if they ever caught fire!

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