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[[Nick continues his imaginary conversation with "Nega-Nick".]]
Nick: No. Those safety margins are there for a reason. Seven billion people--the entire human race--is depending on them.
Nega-Nick: Bah. Humanity is overrated.

Nega-Nick: We are the most destructive--and SELF-destructive--species ever evolved. We ravage and destroy everything in our path, and when there is nothing left, we destroy each other.

Nega-Nick: It would have been a BLESSING if either the Greys or the Physarics had destroyed the Earth. Killing them all or turning them into slaves... they would have done the galaxy a favor.

Nega-Nick: [Grinning evilly] Besides, when you get down to it, I'M the only human that ever mattered.
Nick: [Glaring] To YOU, which doesn't surprise me in the least.

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