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[[Nick continues his imaginary debate with "Nega-Nick".]]
Nick: Fortunately, I don't share your fatalistic outlook. Humanity CAN be saved, and is WORTH saving. I just have to figure out WHY my algorithm isn't working.

Nega-Nick: [Sourly] It would work if I wrote it.
Nick: Says the man who could never get Velociraptor to work in his own universe.

Nega-Nick: [Scowling] That was just bad luck. Yours only worked because of the unique position of your stupid "nexus" universe. Were this MY universe, MY Velociraptor would have worked as well.

Nega-Nick: [Standing, fists in the air, with a maniacal grin] And I would have launched a campaign to dominate every universe and crush them beneath my heel!
Nick: [Annoyed] Luck, or divine intervention. We may never know.

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