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[[Nick continues his "argument" with an imaginary "Nega-Nick".]]
Nega-Nick: Fine, Saint Nicholas. Back to your holy crusade to bring back the Earth. What are you going to do about your faulty algorithm? If it's so important, why won't it work?

Nick: [Feeling defeated again] I... I don't know. I've reviewed it dozens, maybe HUNDREDS, of times. I've quadruple checked every variable and decision tree. I can't see why it doesn't work.

Nega-Nick: Maybe it SHOULDN'T work. Maybe you should give up and accept defeat.
Nick: [Defiantly] No. I refuse. I'll make it work, one way or another. It HAS to. I CAN'T give up.

Nega-Nick: [Throwing his hands up in frustration] You just said you've reviewed the algorithm a gazillion times. Obviously, you're missing something somewhere.
Nick: [Having an epiphany] Unless... unless the problem isn't with the algorithm...

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