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[[Nick continues his imaginary debate with "Nega-Nick".]]
Nega-Nick: Oh, so NOW you pass the buck to someone else. Some evil genius YOU'D be. That should have been your FIRST instinct.
Nick: [Annoyed] Yet another difference between you and me.

Nick: [Deflating] I've been so quick to blame myself for my failures, I haven't even bothered to consider that someone else might be at fault.
Nega-Nick: [Being flippantly "helpful"] Barker makes a good scapegoat...

Nick: [Annoyed again] No, Fooker has had nothing to do with my simulations. He wrote some of the early interface code for the Grey systems, but he didn't touch any of this.

Nega-Nick: Then who do you suspect? Surely not one of those doe-eyed drones...
Nick: [Concentrating] No, not them. But I wouldn't put it past the Great Skaboola... or the Grand Protuberance.

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