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[[Nick continues his "argument" with an imaginary "Nega-Nick".]]
Nega-Nick: [Cringing] "Grand Protuberance"? You mean there's MORE of them?
Nick: [Surprised] That's right. You never dealt with any Greys further up the hierarchy than the Great Skaboola.

Nick: The Skaboola reports to the Protuberance, who answers to the Supreme Fu. They get more cunning the higher up the chain you go, but I wouldn't put this past any of them.

Nega-Nick: What would motivate them to put a monkey wrench into your algorithm?
Nick: It's hard to say without more details. I would think they'd want to finally get rid of us...

Nick: [Concentrating] Unless... maybe they're delaying our restoration of the Earth so they can get their hands on something else...
Nega-Nick: [Grinning maniacally] Finally rubbing a few brain cells together, are we?

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