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[[Nick continues his "debate" with an imaginary "Nega-Nick".]]
Nick: [Smacking Nega-Nick's hand from his shoulder] I KNOW the main reason the Greys tolerate us is they're looking for a chance to get their hands on Velociraptor. They need me, as I'm the only one who understands it.

Nick: I ALSO know the Protuberance and the Fu suspect I didn't really "destroy" the Earth. They know I wouldn't waste all this time on a "fruitless" search.

Nick: Even then, it's a far cry to call Velociraptor a "weapon". The MUTEX, maybe. Zapping your enemies into another universe I can see. But a power source...

Nega-Nick: [Smiling evilly] You're rather pathetic, aren't you? How could your mind be so limited as to not see the endless possibilities for destruction you've created?

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