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[[Nick continues his "debate" with an imaginary "Nega-Nick".]]
Nick: [Annoyed] Fine. It's easy enough to imagine them using Velociraptor to power some really big laser cannon and vaporize a planet, but still...

Nega-Nick: [Also annoyed] Pfft. You're thinking to linearly. It's hard to believe you and I are cut from the same cloth.
Nick: Oh, really? Then how would YOU use it as a "weapon"?

Nega-Nick: [Examining his fingernails, seemingly disinterested] You say the thing unravels entire universes, right? Meaning it draws its power from SOMEWHERE, and you can redirect the source.
Nick: Theoretically...

Nega-Nick: [With a wicked grin] Then who's to say you can't, oh, use your enemy's home world as a "battery"? I'd say converting their entire solar system into "fuel" might last you a few centuries...
[[Nick is taken aback by his suggestion.]]

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