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Nick: As much as I hate to admit it, you ARE right. Velociraptor is devastating no matter how you look at it, and could be considered a weapon in and of itself. I CAN'T let them have it.

Nega-Nick: So what's stopping them from just killing you and taking it?
Nick: They don't understand how it works. Even Pi and Planck, the Greys with the most experience with it, can't grok it.

Nick: But maybe that solves ANOTHER mystery. They've been missing for a while now. Maybe the Skaboola has them isolated and is trying to "download" everything they DO know.

Nega-Nick: [Cringing] So the Greys can just copy the data straight out of their skulls like a hard drive?
Nick: Actually, yes. They can even "reformat" them if they want to.

References: Grey "backups" and "revisions"
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