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Nega-Nick: [Smirking] Looks like you've snapped out of your little pity party and have a new sense of direction. No need to thank me... like YOU'D ever admit I played a role in saving your @$$.
Nick: [Annoyed] Hrmph.

Nega-Nick: It seems like my work here is done...
Nick: Don't let the airlock door hit you on the way out.
Nega-Nick: [Grinning madly] Oh, you would just LOVE that, now wouldn't you?

Nega-Nick: [Turning to walk away] Don't forget that I'm still out there. Getting your precious planet back and untangling your alien kidnapping drama doesn't fix that, by the way. I'll be waiting...

[[Our view shifts, and we look over Nick's shoulder to where Nega-Nick was just a moment before. The room is now empty except for Nick.]]
Nick: Oh, I know. Don't worry. You're next.

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