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[[Nick opens the door to the conference room and pokes his head out into the MUTEX chamber.]]
Nick: Fooker, I need you in here for a few minutes...
[[Fooker and Valerie Smith, who are seated next to each other, both turn to look at him.]]

[[A narration box reads, "A quick recap later..." Nick and Fooker stand in the conference room, where Nick has apparently given Fooker a summary of his "conversation" with "Nega-Nick".]]
Nick: And that's the gist. What do you think?
Fooker: I think you've got a serious self-persecution complex, but otherwise it sounds plausible.

Fooker: Want me to go looking for the dynamic Grey duo and the booger trio?
Nick: No, I want you digging into the "faulty" algorithm. It'll be too obvious if I investigate myself.

Fooker: I could ask Justin to snoop around for our missing minions.
Nick: That's OK, but don't include anyone else just yet. The last thing we want is to tip our hand too soon.

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