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[[Nick and Fooker exit the conference room and return to the MUTEX chamber.]]
Nick: If you'll look into that, I can verify my logic one last time...
Voice Off-Panel: Hey, Nick...

[[Our view flips. We look over Nick's shoulder to see the Inexplicable Speck! standing in front of Bohr the Grey warrior drone. Bohr is stoic and grim as usual, while the Speck! seems nervous.]]
Speck: [Gesturing toward Bohr] This, uh, "gentleman" would like to have a word with you...

Nick: [Grimly] Bohr. What can I do for you?
Bohr: Your presence is required on the bridge. I am to escort you there immediately.

Nick: OK. Let me wrap up what Fooker and I were discussing--
Bohr: [Scowling] This is NOT a request. The Skaboola demands your presence... NOW.

References: Bohr
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