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[[Bohr escorts Nick to the bridge of the Grey ship. As they enter, the Great Skaboola turns to face them.]]
Nick: You sent for me, Great Skaboola...?
Skaboola: Ah, yes. Nichoals Wellington. I have some very disturbing news...

Skaboola: I have just received an urgent communique from the Grand Protuberance at the Cynosure. It seems there has been an... incident.

Skaboola: I was informed to make you aware of it, both as the arbiter of our ceasefire with the Physarics, and as a courtesy to the current leader of your race.

Skaboola: It seems our truce may be in jeopardy, and thus the safety of your species at ask, seeing that the Physarics appear to be embroiled in a civil war...
[[At this, Nick's eyebrows shoot up in surprise.]]

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