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[[Nick and Fooker stand at one end of a conference room, while Dwayne, Ki, Sharon, and Trudy sit in attendance. Nick has apparently just filled the group in on at least the important details of the previous story.]]
Nick: And in case it wasn't clear, NONE of this should be discussed outside this room with anyone, even amongst ourselves, unless Fooker or I give the all-clear first.

Dwayne: What about Dex, Patty, and Trish? I'm sure they'd want to help...
Nick: I don't like keeping anyone in the dark, but for now, the fewer who know, the better.

Ki: What are we going to do about Pi, Planck, and the molds? How are we going to find them?
Fooker: I'll get Justin on that. He's been itching to do some sleuthing.

Sharon: [Overwhelmed] To think... a Physaric civil war. How is that even possible?
Trudy: [Scowling] We KNOW who's responsible: the same thorn in everyone's side who never goes away...

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