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Sharon: [Shocked] Wait, are you serious?
Ki: [Grimly] The "nuclear option" never sounds promising.
Trudy: [Equally grim] If we nuke Velociraptor, how do we get the Earth back?

Nick: We don't, which is why it's a last resort. I doubt the Gamester would approve either. But if the Greys turn against us, the galaxy is safer if they can't get their hands on it.

Trudy: What about the Physaric civil war? We can't PROVE it's "Nega-Nick", but...
Nick: I have a feeling he'll bring the war to us eventually, and we'll need the Molds back when he does.

Nick: So we need to find them and "fix" my algorithm first, then worry about getting the Earth. Hopefully by then, we'll know enough of what's going on to stop "Nega-Nick".

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