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[[The group disbands. Ki, Sharon, and Trudy exit the room and head down the hall together.]]
Sharon: [Overwhelmed] Good grief. I can't believe it. Just when it seemed like we're getting so close...
Ki: Don't give up hope, Sharon. There's still a chance we can pull through on this...

Trudy: [Scowling] It figures that rat %@$&@*# would show up again. I don't know HOW he took control of the Physarics, but if he's turning them against each other, we'll ALL end up toast.

Sharon: Well, for now, we've still got the Greys on our side. Let's hope it stays that way long enough to--
[[Ki suddenly winces in pain, interrupting Sharon.]]
Ki: O-ow...
Sharon: [Concerned] Ki? Are you OK?

[[Ki braces herself against the wall and places a hand on her stomach.]]
Ki: I... think I just had my first contraction...
[[Trudy and Sharon are both shocked.]]

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