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[[Dwayne and Nick are walking in the opposite direction of the girls. Behind them, Fooker seems to walk off in a third direction.]]
Dwayne: I wish there was more I could do to help out. As the Johnny-come-lately, it feels like there's little I can do besides holding down the fort.

Nick: Well, I could give you a crash course in trans-universal thermodynamics...
Dwayne: No thanks. My head starts swimming just trying to parse that sentence.

Nick: What we need is something to keep the Great Skaboola busy while we investigate. All of the drones are telepathically linked to him and could alert him within seconds.

Dwayne: [Enthusiastically] What if I keep the Skaboola distracted? That might buy each of you enough time to finish whatever tasks you need to get us to the next step.

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