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[[Fooker returns with Justin.]]
Fooker: Hola, muchachos. I just filled in li'l bro on the thing with the you-know-whos and the who-knows-where.
Justin: [Annoyed] And to think I lost out on that job to this "master of spycraft".

Dwayne: [Enthusiastically] Great! I'll buy you some time by distracting the Skaboola.
Fooker: [Surprised] You'll do WHAT now?
Nick: It's OK, Fooker. He volunteered, and I don't think I can talk him out of it.

Nick: [The the group] OK, you each have your assignments. We'll meet back in the same conference room in two hours to compare notes.
Fooker: That should give us plenty of time.

[[The group disbands, heading off in separate directions. As they walk out of frame, Sharon peeks around the corner from the intersection at the end of the corridor.]]
Sharon: Um, hey, Nick? [Pause] Drat... he's already gone...

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