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[[Sharon returns to Ki and Trudy. Ki is still leaning against the wall.]]
Sharon: [Concerned] I thought I saw Nick down the hall, but he's already vanished.
Ki: It's OK. He's got a lot on his mind and a lot to work on. Best to let him concentrate.

Trudy: So... are you OK? Was it a contraction?
Ki: I... don't know. It's not like I've actually felt one before. Then again, I've never felt THAT before either.

Sharon: Some women have "false labor" pains around this time. They could be caused by anything, including stress.
Ki: Well, if I wasn't stressed out before...

Sharon: [Putting her arm around Ki's shoulders] At any rate, let's get you to Dr. Granger, just to be sure.
Trudy: [Annoyed] The odds that was a real contraction are directly proportional to how much crap we've got going on...

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