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[[Switching scenes, we find Fooker creeping up to one of the Grey computer terminals, only to find that it is already occupied.]]
Fooker: [Mildly surprised] Whoopsy doo... didn't expect this terminal to be occupied...
Euler: Oh, hello... Fooker, is it not? I do not think we have interacted much in the past.

Fooker: It's Euler, right? You were the little dude who helped Avocado bring Dwayne back.
Euler: [Rising to his feet] I believe you mean Avogadro, but otherwise you are correct.

Fooker: Hey, listen, E-man. You don't mind if I borrow this workstation, do ya?
Euler: I... suppose not. I was just finishing up some hyperspace folding calculations.

Euler: [Skeptical] May I ask why you require the use of this console?
Fooker: I did some coding here earlier and finally broke in the chair. Took forever to figure out how to adjust the height.

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