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Euler: [Skeptical] You wish for me to demonstrate how the DNA lock can be disabled.
Fooker: Just out of curiosity. Never seen a DNA lock before. Figure it must be pretty spiffy.

Euler: [Hovering his hands above the control panel, but intentionally not touching it] The console's sensors scan my DNA as soon as I touch it. This unlocks any restrictions in place to prevent non-Greys from accessing essential systems.

Fooker: [Placing a hand on Euler's shoulder] Awesome sauce! So why don't you take the day off, Ferris Euler? I can take it from here.
Euler: [Narrowing his eyes] You want me to walk away, leaving you with the unlocked console.

Fooker: [Feigning ignorance] Me? Whatever would make you think that?
Euler: The lock is reinstated the instant non-Grey DNA is detected by the scanner. Your "clever" ruse will not work.

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