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[[Justin walks down a corridor looking somewhat annoyed. At the intersection behind him, a Grey drone strolls past.]]
Justin: [Thinking to himself] Blast... I've looked everywhere on this dang ship and I can't find hide nor cilia of those missing Greys and Molds. They're not even in the makeshift "brig" with Dad.

[[He approaches another intersection.]]
Justin: [Thinking] Then again, that would be a bit too obvious. If the Skaboola has them squirreled away somewhere, I'll bet it's out of the way, off the beaten path.
[[At this point, a Grey warrior drone walks across the intersection.]]
Justin: [Perking up, but still keeping his thoughts to himself] Hello...

[[He peeks carefully around the corner. Warrior drone Boltzmann is handing a data tablet to his superior, Bohr.]]
Boltzmann: #529177210, here are the latest security audit logs.
Bohr: Excellent. And call me "Bohr", Boltzmann. It is verbally more efficient.

Boltzmann: [Scowling] I detest the humans' "nicknames" for us. Efficient or not, they are not our way.
Bohr: [Perusing the tablet] There are many things the Skaboola asks of us of late that are "not our way".

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