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[[Justin eavesdrops on the warrior Greys Bohr and Boltzmann as they enter an impromptu debate.]]
Boltzmann: [Surprised] You question the Skaboola's leadership?
Bohr: [Grimly] No. I question the entire hierarchy's response to these humans and their "search". There is little logic in it.

Boltzmann: Surely the Grand Protuberance and Supreme Fu know what is best.
Bohr: That is debatable. Our security around the humans is too lax. They roam too freely.

Boltzmann: [Angrily] You abuse your autonomy as head of security to second-guess our leaders.
Bohr: [Scowling] And you forget your place as my subordinate. It is my DUTY to second-guess everything.

Bohr: Were it MY choice, the traitors and their Physaric conspirators would have had their biomass recycled, not inertia-locked and placed in storage in the cargo bay.
[[At this, Justin turns toward the viewer with a devilish smile.]]

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