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[[Upon surreptitiously hearing what he was hoping to learn, Justin sneaks away from Bohr and Boltzmann.]]
Justin: [Thinking to himself] So THAT'S it. Zap 'em with that inertial variance gun and stuff 'em into a cargo crate until they're needed. No WONDER I couldn't find them.

[[He proceeds down a corridor, avoiding a Grey drone at the intersection.]]
Justin: [Thinking] And I have to agree with the big guy. It's fishy just how much leeway the Greys give us. Not one guard between there and the cargo bay. That doesn't smell right.

[[He approaches a closed door covered in alien text. A paper sign is taped to the wall next to the door which reads "Cargo Bay - No Humans!"]]
Justin: [Thinking] Then again, what better way to draw attention to something than to post a dozen guards around it. In this case, security through obscurity kinda works.

[[He sneaks inside the door. The cargo bay is dark and filled with many containers of various sizes, none of which are labeled in any human language.]]
Justin: [Thinking] The trick now is figuring out which container they might be in...

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