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[[The scene shifts. We are now in the infirmary, where Ki is seated in a chair in front of Doctor Melanie Granger, who is perusing a tablet. Sharon stands anxiously behind Ki's chair, while Trudy stands next to her with her arms folded.]]
Granger: As far as I can tell, everything looks fine. You're proceeding along nicely. Your blood work looks great.
Sharon: [Nervously] So was it "false labor", then?

Granger: Possibly. Braxton Hicks contractions can start as early as six weeks. Ki's in her third trimester, though, so it's not uncommon.

[[As Granger continues, now directing her remarks directly to Ki, the Grey drone Avogadro enters the room behind her.]]
Granger: That said, we're not seeing any cervical dilation, and it hasn't happened again. So I'd say you have nothing to worry about until they get stronger and more frequent.

Avogadro: [Interjecting] I do not wish to intrude, Doctor Granger, but that... may not be 100% accurate.
[[Granger and Ki both appear surprised by this statement.]]

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