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Melanie Granger: [Slightly annoyed] You have something you'd like to contribute to this discussion, Avogadro?
Avogadro: I do not wish to refute your expertise, doctor.

Avogadro: However, having reviewed your species' collective obstetrics knowledge base, I would suggest that some human pregnancies we have observed have been... anomalous.

Trudy: [Narrowing her eyes] When did you "observe" human pregnancies?
Avogadro: As you are aware, we have studied your species for some time, over the last Earth century or so.

Ki: Yeah, like when you abducted and experimented on Fooker.
Avogadro: Correct. A few test subjects were pregnant females who later developed... complications.

References: If the Greys have a snapshot of the entire Internet, odds are they have copies of our "collective obstetrics knowledge base"; Fooker's abduction
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