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Trudy: [Folding her arms across her chest] What sort of "complications"?
Avogadro: That is a bit difficult to explain. Most subjects we followed up on had a normal childbirth. A few, however, suffered unanticipated effects.

Avogadro: The exact permutations varied widely, ranging from mild to severe genetic drift. We suspect the environment on this ship may have inadvertently influenced fetal development.
[[Ki's eyes widen.]]

Avogadro: [Gesturing toward Trudy] The Great Skaboola did attempt to encourage this female to copulate with Subject XB3-239, but they both refused. [Trudy scowls as the other women turn to look at her.] As yet, we have not observed conception aboard ship.

Avogadro: That is, until now...
Sharon: [Leaning in toward Ki] With you and Nick making up for lost time...

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