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[[The scene shifts back to Dwayne and his attempts to distract the Great Skaboola.]]
Dwayne: [Looking around enthusiastically] This is a most impressive ship you have here... not that I've been on that many space ships before...
Skaboola: [Folding his arms across his chest] This has been most amusing, but I have matters to attend to.

Dwayne: [With fake apology] Yes, of course. You ARE the most important individual on this ship. I shouldn't keep you from your duties.
Skaboola: [Turning to leave] No, you should not. The drones will attend to your needs.

Dwayne: [Stalling] Then again, as the ship's commander, you WOULD be the main authority to appeal to if there were any issues with the drones...
Skaboola: [Turning back] That is correct. ARE there any such issues?

Dwayne: [Smiling] Not, not really. Just asking hypothetically.
Skaboola: [Scowling] Then, hypothetically, this conversation is concluded. I am certain you can escort yourself from the room.

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